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Yellow Dog Motorsports produces and sells Corvette, Porsche and Alfa Romeo parts. We specialize in restoration and hard to find Corvette electrical, Corvette chassis, Corvette engine, and Corvette interior and exterior parts. Please visit our store for a complete listing of our available parts.

In 1976 we became actively involved with Corvette and Porsche and quickly became aware that there was a definite need for restoration and hard to find parts. Based upon this need, Yellow Dog Motorsports was founded. Being restoration and racing enthusiasts and as our interest and need grew, so did our manufacturing. We strive to manufacture only the best parts possible for Corvette, Porsche and Alfa Romeo vehicles. Restoration and special projects have taught us valuable lessons. We offer a proven and practical line of products made by us and respected by after-market companies’ worldwide.

Whether your interest is Corvette, Porsche or Alfa Romeo, Yellow Dog Motorsports has products specifically designed for your restoration or performance needs and a site to support your purchasing needs.

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